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McGreevy & Co., Criminal Defence Solicitors Services.


McGreevy & Co.

Criminal Defence Solicitors

 370 Victoria Road, Glasgow G42 8YW

Tel: 0141 422 2220/0141 239 7407


  • All of Scotland representation in the High Court of Justiciary/Sheriff Court/Justice of the Peace Court
  • Attendance at Police Station
  • Appeals including late Appeals
  • Applications to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC)
  • Proceeds of Crime Act Proceedings (Criminal and Civil)
  • Representation at Parole Board Tribunals
  • Applications for Parole for Determinate Sentence Prisoners
  • Advice regarding Parole Recalls
  • Judicial Review
  • Fatal Accident Enquires for a Death in Custody


New Scottish Prison Service Book Policy

As a result of work we have been doing, the Scottish Prison Service has decided to amend the terms of their policy in relation to prisoners receiving books from family and friends.  The previous policy was as follows:-

GMA 59A/12

On 25 May 2015 the new Scottish Prison Service policy  will come into force. This new policy amends the previous policy to provide Governors with a discretion to permit a prisoner’s family and friends to send or hand books in directly to the establishment for the personal use of a named prisoner where there are exceptional circumstances agreed by the Governor.

The policy provides a definition of exceptional circumstances. It will be interesting to see in practice what Governors consider as exceptional.

I have many concerns about the policy. One of the obvious concerns is that it does not expressly recognise the financial pressures on prisoners, their families and friends. The approved suppliers can be more expensive than a charity shop or local supermarket. It does not take into account the issue of books already owned by the prisoner or their family and friends. It will be interesting to see if the Governors will interpret the policy in a way that takes into account the financial pressures on the families of prisoners who wish to provide reading materials to their loved ones.

The  purpose of this blog is not to criticise the terms of the policy. That can and will  be left to another forum. However I do wish friends and families of prisoners to be aware that the policy has been changed in such a way that they might be able to hand in books to their loved ones.




RELEASE: The Koestler Exhibition for Scotland

I have been meaning to post these photographs of the Koestler Trust prisoner art exhibition for Scotland since December 2013.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.








Motorcycle by James, HMP Glenochil.
Motorcycle by James, HMP Glenochil.


Cool Dude by Stuart, HMP Addiewell.
Cool Dude by Stuart, HMP Addiewell.






Colourful Bird by Esmail, Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.
Colourful Bird by Esmail, Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.


Astro Scout and Zoomer the Robot by Anon, HMP Shotts.
Astro Scout and Zoomer the Robot by Anon, HMP Shotts.


Spirit of Forgiveness by Anon, HMP Peterhead.
Spirit of Forgiveness by Anon, HMP Peterhead.




Trippin by William, HMP Kilmarnock.
Trippin by William, HMP Kilmarnock.


Plateau Unzipped by Nathan, HMP Dumfries.
Plateau Unzipped by Nathan, HMP Dumfries.


The Power of Nature by Esmail, Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.
The Power of Nature by Esmail, Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.


Would YA of Wouldn't YA? by Anon, HMP Inverness.
Would YA of Wouldn’t YA? by Anon, HMP Inverness.


Heavy Bovril by Michael, HMP Low Moss.
Heavy Bovril by Michael, HMP Low Moss.


Self Worth by David, HMP Dumfries.
Self Worth by David, HMP Dumfries.


Boxers. Dayne from HMP reenock
Boxers by Dayne, HMP Greenock




McGreevy & Co Solicitors are looking for a trainee.

Job Description

The traineeship will cover Criminal and Prison law only.   It will involve, in the main, assisting our Mr Smith with his workload.  Applicants should be able to meet the following criteria:-

  • Driving licence
  • Own or have the use of a car
  • Excellent IT and word processing skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • A keen interest in Criminal law and Prison law
  • Be able to start work end of January/mid February
  • Glasgow City Council Commonwealth funding preferable but not essential

We also ask that you provide to us a covering letter detailing the following:-

1. Why you are interested in a traineeship that only focuses on Criminal and Prison law?

2. What attracts you to  McGreevy & Co as a firm?

3. What do you want to achieve out of your traineeship?

4. What qualities would you bring to our firm?

It is essential that all CVs and covering letters are sent electronically to using the heading “Traineeship”

The final date for submissions is 20 January 2014.

New blog coming soon: Release.

Consumption of Communisim Steve. HMP Shotts
Consumption of Communism
Steve @ HMP Shotts

Yesterday, 1 November 2013, I attended the opening of  Release: The Koestler Exhibition for Scotland.  A client, who is in prison and who has two paintings on display at the exhibition, was kind enough to send me his invite to the opening.  The exhibition runs from 2 November – 15 December 2013 at Tramway, Glasgow.  I intend to write a blog using photographs which I took of the artwork.  In the meantime,  I would urge you to attend and show your support for this fabulous exhibition of prisoner artwork.  It is inspiring.

When you walk around the exhibition please keep this thought in mind –  many of these artists are still in prison. Whilst they have the satisfaction and pride of knowing their artwork is being exhibited to the public, they will never have the opportunity themselves of seeing it on display at Tramway.  They will never be able to enjoy that experience.  I look forward to recounting my own experience of the exhibition to my client.


The Prison Lawyer is on the move.


After many happy years at Turnbull McCarron Solicitors,  The Prison Lawyer is moving on.  As of 1st December 2012 he will be at McGreevy & Co., Criminal Defence Solicitors, 370 Victoria Road, Glasgow. G42 8YW.  You can contact him as follows:-

Telephone: 07968802638 / 0141 239 7407


Insight & Outlook

Insight & Outlook the Koestler exhibition for Scotland was held this year at Tramway, Glasgow. It was an exhibition of artwork and writing from prisons, secure hospitals, secure children’s homes and criminal justice services in Scotland. This year the exhibition was curated by young care leavers with guidance from Glasgow artist David Shrigley. The project was sponsored by The Co-operative.

I was invited to the opening of the exhibition on the 2nd November 2012.  This was as a result of the blog “FREE” which I wrote about the London exhibition. A client, who was exhibiting, also put in a good word for me. I would like to thank the Koestler Trust for the invitation.

Below is a selection of the artwork and writings.

Look closely at the words written on the face. What do you see?

If? James Cullinane, HMP Shotts. ” A piece of music can immediately take you back to a different time, place era, or even the company you were with. They can take away your freedom but not your memories.”
Eco Bike, William Baird, HMP Kilmarnock. “Art is like therapy to me and I will carry on when I get out.”
Le Chein, Anon, HMP Perth
Art Gallery and Museum, Anon, HMP Peterhead
Case Conference, Keith Fraser, HMP Shotts. “Art gives me a coping strategy, it allows me to express myself, it passes the time, it makes other people happy. it is one big positive I’ve taken from the negative that is being sent to prison.”
Picasso, Anon, HMP Dumfries. “Art passes the time and keeps me out of trouble. It get me thinking positively and inspires me to do better in life and to believe I can do better. I prefer to talk with my pencil than with words.”

Anon HMP Shotts