What is the prisonlawyer.com

What is theprisonlawyer.com?

It is a blog written by me, W. James Smith BSc (Hons) LLB Dip-LP NP. I am a criminal defence solicitor with a particular interest in prison law. The purpose of this blog is not self publicity. It is to demonstrate the importance of prison law and to change some of the misconceptions which the public, press and Government have about the role of the prison lawyer.

This blog is not designed to provide a definitive statement of the law nor is it designed to be used as an educational reference. It is a series of opinions, anecdotes and views on the law as it impacts on the rights of prisoners. I do not hold myself out to be an expert in this field or the field of human rights. I am simply someone who works day in, day out in this area of law. The opinions and views expressed are my own. This blog will hopefully be updated regularly. Day to day you can, if you wish, follow me on Twitter @theprisonlawyer

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