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Consumption of Communisim Steve. HMP Shotts
Consumption of Communism
Steve @ HMP Shotts

Yesterday, 1 November 2013, I attended the opening of  Release: The Koestler Exhibition for Scotland.  A client, who is in prison and who has two paintings on display at the exhibition, was kind enough to send me his invite to the opening.  The exhibition runs from 2 November – 15 December 2013 at Tramway, Glasgow.  I intend to write a blog using photographs which I took of the artwork.  In the meantime,  I would urge you to attend and show your support for this fabulous exhibition of prisoner artwork.  It is inspiring.

When you walk around the exhibition please keep this thought in mind –  many of these artists are still in prison. Whilst they have the satisfaction and pride of knowing their artwork is being exhibited to the public, they will never have the opportunity themselves of seeing it on display at Tramway.  They will never be able to enjoy that experience.  I look forward to recounting my own experience of the exhibition to my client.


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