Umar Hussain promoted to Associate Solicitor

We are delighted to announce that Umar Hussain has been promoted to the position of Associate Solicitor at our Firm, McGreevy & Co., Solicitors. Umar will continue to work in the areas of criminal defence, road traffic law and parole and can be contacted at our office on 0141422 2220.

One response to “Umar Hussain promoted to Associate Solicitor”

  1. James,

    Seems ages. This news is a sign of the continued expansion and profitability of the firm? Soon, you’ll be the only entirely Scottish law firm left. I gather people are going bust/merging/being taken over all over the place. I am glad to be out of it, although I could have coped without the means of retirement!

    I see that legal aid rates have increased (a tiny bit). They really haven’t a clue, and don’t care about much-vaunted “access to justice”. Hypocrites.

    Nat still keeps closely in touch, though I haven’t seen him for about six months. We’ve just spent three months in Nantucket Island and polished it off by a terribly WASP week on a Maine Windjammer. 92′ stout wooden sailing ship out of Camden in Maine (which is 4 hours’ drive from Boston, end of the earth feeling). Crew of 5, all potential Ahabs, but there was no compulsory pulling on ropes or sordid sea shanties in the saloon. Never out of sight of land for long and moored in some harbour every night (escape). Main diet of lobster in various guises. Cosy cabin with nursery bunks & American plumbing. Noranside had nothing like it. Another 16 passengers but you didn’t fall over them. You married in NYC. If you are there regularly, we recommend a windjammer.

    Not been in Glasgow for a while but I’ll ring when next there, on the off chance you have a window.



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