What do you do if are invited to Atlantic Road Trip?



This week I was invited to drive in Atlantic Road Trip.  The Atlantic Road Trip started in 2016 and is the brain child of Team68. They, along with some other Gumball3000 participants, decided that they wanted another, yet different adventure.  Most rallies simply try to mimic Gumball3000 but Atlantic Road Trip is different.  Whilst the rally has an element of endurance driving it is more about the camaraderie, cars, exciting  roads and – most importantly – the amazing scenery.  Each year the rally drives via the famous Atlantic Road.   The scenery on the trip is a photographer’s dream and has attracted photographers and film makers such as Sam Moores, Richard P Walton and Lee Dainton


2016 – Oslo to Voss


2017 – Copenhagen to Stockholm



2018 – Gothenburg to Copenhagen


The 2019 rally starts on 11 August in Oslo and ends in Parnu on 18 August.  The participants will drive via Geiranger,  Atlantic Road, Trondheim, Stockholm, Turku, Helsinki, and Tallin before ending up in Parnu.  They will drive some amazing roads and no doubt  party  hard along the way.



This year’s invites were created by Rick Jesse, owner and founder of Dogtooth.  I had the pleasure of meeting Rick in Covent Garden, London at the start line of Gumball3000 last year.  He did an outstanding job with the invitations.




The invite to Atlantic Road Trip arrived in a mysterious box, filled with loads of goodies.


There was a hidden message inside the brochure.


I am very grateful for the invite.  It has given me plenty to ponder.  I am even more grateful that they didn’t forget my wee boy.  Huge thanks to Team 68 and Mr Dogtooth for the t-shirts for the Wee Man.

Hands up if you’re going?



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