Narrative: The Koestler Scotland Exhibition 2017


The Koestler Scotland exhibition has returned to The Tramway in Glasgow.  A few weeks ago I attended the opening of this excellent exhibition.  I was kindly invited once again by a client who is presently in prison.  This client’s work had been chosen to be shown in this year’s exhibition and his work has been exhibited many times at other Koestler Exhibitions.  The thing that I find disappointing is that he never gets to see his work on display.  Each year, however, he arranges for me to attend the opening and in return I report back to him on how it went.  Attending Koestler exhibitions is one of the highlights of my year.  I am not artistic in any way but I find it fascinating that there is huge artistic talent hidden away in  our prisons.  Thankfully the Koestler Trust enables these talents to be seen.

This year’s exhibition is curated by Jenni Fagan.  Follow this link to an article in The National which provides more details.

The exhibition is on at The Tramway until 22 December 2017. It is free and  I thoroughly  recommend a visit.







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