Koestler Trust Prisoner Art Exhibition at Robertson House, Glasgow

One of my clients very kindly arranged  for me to attend the opening of the Koestler Trust Exhibition at Robertson House in Glasgow on Friday evening.   Unfortunately, due to funding issues, there is no Scottish exhibition for the Koestler Trust this year.  Luckily, The Robertson Trust stepped in and offered Robertson House as a location to exhibit some of the art generated by Scottish prisoners.  While the exhibition is not open to the general public, all those with business at Robertson House will be able to view the art on display.

It was great to attend this exclusive viewing.  I have taken photographs of, I hope, all of the work on display, which should allow you to experience the fabulous art work.

I had the great pleasure of spending some time chatting with Sally Taylor, Chief Executive  Officer of the Koestler Trust.  Her enthusiasm for her job is infectious.  We discussed how Scottish prisoners are unable to directly benefit from the sale of their work, as they do in England. When an English prisoner sells their work, they receive half of the proceeds while the other half goes to victims’ charities.  The rules in Scotland do not permit Scottish prisoners to benefit financially from their work and perhaps this is something which the Scottish Justice Minister could look at changing.

I hope you enjoy.






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