Insight & Outlook

Insight & Outlook the Koestler exhibition for Scotland was held this year at Tramway, Glasgow. It was an exhibition of artwork and writing from prisons, secure hospitals, secure children’s homes and criminal justice services in Scotland. This year the exhibition was curated by young care leavers with guidance from Glasgow artist David Shrigley. The project was sponsored… Read More


On a recent trip to London I was pleasantly surprised that we had booked into a hotel which was a stone’s throw away from the Southbank Centre. The excitement was not about seeing the architectural beauty of this building. It was all about what was contained within. In the basement, the Koestler Trust, to mark… Read More

The Road from Crime.

The documentary The Road from Crime, is narrated by Allan Weaver, a Scottish ex-offender turned probation officer and author of the book “So You Think You Know Me?”. In the documentary Allan asks a simple question: What can we learn from those former prisoners who have successfully “desisted” from criminal behaviour or “gone straight?” Allan… Read More

What is the role of the prison lawyer?

When you ask this question you usually get some of the following answers:- The prison lawyer is a lawyer who lines his pockets with public funds The prison lawyer is someone who raises spurious claims and complaints on behalf of the least worthy people in society The prison lawyer trawls the prison looking for clients… Read More